Updated 25th September 2020

If you are uncomfortable about attending Mass at the weekend, perhaps a weekday Mass might suit you better. (see below regarding tickets.)

Arrangements with a limited capacity of 50 people at present. The dispensation from the Sunday & Holyday obligations have been extended for the time being. If you are feeling unwell or have flu like symptoms you should not attend Mass. Follow correct respiratory etiquette – cover your face while coughing or sneezing. Wash and sanitize hands.

Mass Attendance for weekend & Holy Days. By Ticket only. A limited number of places will be reserved for Anniversary / Months Mind Masses. Remainder of tickets will be will be on a first come basis. Please contact the parish office from Tuesday -Thursday from 10am-12noon. To arrange collection of ticket. Please read and familiarise yourself with the instructions on the back of tickets. Families can sit together in the same seat. Please arrive 15 minutes before mass to ensure seat.

From Saturday 1st August you will no longer require a ticket for weekday masses. (Monday-Saturday morning). However your name will be taken at the Church door by a steward in order to comply for contact-tracing. This information in line with GDPR will be kept in a secure place and destroyed after 28 days. (see noticeboard).

· Church doors will open 30 minutes before Mass.

· Please form Q to the right and left of main doors on social distancing yellow markers.

Maintain correct social distance at all times.

· It is recommended to wear a face mask.

· Please use hand sanitizer on entering the Church.

· Please comply with the instructions of stewards at all times.

· Stewards will guide you to your seat– Church will be filled from the Top Seats.

· Please sit with the Blue Sticker in front of you.

· Remain in your seat for Mass– Holy Communion will be brought to you.

Please receive Holy Communion in the hand.

· If you are unable to enter Church at Mass times, please tune into 106.4 FM on your car radio and you will hear  the Mass. Please come to the side door of the Church at communion time, where you can receive Holy  Communion.

(Please maintain social distancing by standing at the appropriate yellow markers).

· Stewards will guide you from your seats after Mass.

· Please use hand sanitizer as you leave.

· In the interest of health & safety, please do not congregate in groups outside before/after Masses.

· Parish radio will continue as during the Pandemic –106.4 FM.

· There will be no Mass Servers initially.

· While there may be soloists/ musicians, full choirs cannot attend at the moment.

· Mass leaflet/ newsletters will be left on seats. Seats are sanitized after each Mass.

· Offertory baskets cannot be passed – Collection boxes will be placed at the doors of the Church for your contribution/weekly envelopes.

· Eucharistic Ministers will hand sanitize before and after distribution of Holy Communion and wear appropriate face coverings.

· Confessions by request by contacting the parish office to arrange.

Baptisms will take place with limited capacity and the baptisms that were cancelled during pandemic are taking place after this weekend.

Funerals- please contact the parish office. Numbers for funerals for Church remains the same (50 people). Restrictions have been changed for outdoor gatherings to 15 this includes the cemetery.

A lot of help and organisation is required and your patience will be needed more than ever to ensure that everyone is safe and that it will be especially important now more than ever. This will be a collective effort – drawing on the support of new volunteers and the co-operation of all parishioners. I wish to thank all of you who put yourselves forward to volunteer and help with the  opening of our Church for public worship.

Training resources are available on www.galwaydiocese.ie/parish-resources for all our volunteers.